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Search Engine Marketing

If your search marketing campaign is turning into an uphill struggle of Everest proportions or if it’s something you’ve not tried yet – let Diligent Design help. Our experience in search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimisation (SEO) means that we can take care of your search marketing campaign for you. We follow the best practise techniques to improve your website’s search engine position and all our websites are created with search engine optimisation techniques built-in, giving you a head start on your way to the first page.

Cost Per Click
Search engine marketing (SEM) is the process of using paid advertising (known as cost per click or pay per click advertising) to reach the top of the search engines. These sponsored adverts usually appear at the top and to the right of search engine pages. With our expertise we can ensure you stay within budget and every penny you spend is used to bring you more visitors to your website. Our copywriting team will create targeted and persuasive adverts to draw visitors to your website and give your adverts the professional touch. We’re not like a lot of search marketing specialists, you won’t be asked to pay a monthly fee or receive a huge invoice up front. We create a search marketing campaign which is bespoke to your business and test and develop the best tactics for you so you never waste a penny on untargeted advertising.

Search Engine Optimisation
Search engine optimisation (SEO) uses techniques to increase your website’s position in the search engine ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ listings. By using a combination of technical methods and optimised copywriting, we can help increase your website’s natural position in the search engines and save you money on paid advertising.

By using search marketing you can make the most out of your website by attracting targeted visitors. Contact Lyz Cordon and see how Diligent Design can help your site make you money.




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