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Do you know that colours can have a profound effect on how we feel and act?

According to colour psychology, colours are deeply significant to us and have more influence over us than you would think. Used cleverly colours can make us feel strengthened, soothed or inspired. Strong, bright colours can bring out the best in us physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally but beware, dark, drab colours can harm our spirits and even our health!

Discover what your favourite colour reveals about you... Choose your favorite colour and click on it to read what it says about your personality.

colour psychology boxes


RED characteristics


If you chose red it is possible that you display many different personality traits... On the positive side you are passionate, energetic and entrepreneurial the down side is that you can have addictive tendencies!

Red personalities are seductive; men tend to be attracted to women wearing red regardless of how pretty they are. You crave attention and make those around you feel more energetic and vital however, you can be volatile. You are quick to provide answers to others, finding out what you don't know as you are terrified of looking stupid. You want everything done in a hurry and are an expert power napper.

In summary you are quick-minded and bright and when focused you can be very determined.


Associated qualities:

  • Strength
  • Control & leadership
  • Warmth
  • Physical energy
  • Passion


ORANGE characteristics


If you chose orange you probably love to be outdoors - nature invigorates you and being stuck in the house likely drives you mad. You are well thought of by others and are a good friend. You excel in careers such as farming and professional sports.

Orange personalities are nice people but it's not a good idea to back you into a corner. You are considered to be good lovers and eager to try new things. You like to support the underdog and are very much a good samaritan. You do talk a lot, projecting your voice and are not afraid to voice your opinion but you are thoughtful and aware of your actions and environment.

In summary you are secure in knowing that what you wish for in life is there for the taking and you deserve the best.


Associated qualities:

  • Warm
  • Invigorating
  • Courageous
  • Helpful
  • Concentration


YELLOW characteristics


As an orange personality you make a good leader as you are methodical and decisive. You analyse before acting.

Yellow personalities are business minded and like to be considered as educated. You use your moods to achieve your goals and so love games. You can be stubborn and if you favour mustard yellow you can be pompous. The most negative characteristic of a yellow personality is cowardice and deceit. If you are stressed you bury your feelings believing that to show such emotions is a sign of weakness.

In summary you have a small circle of intimate friends but depend only on yourself.


Associated qualities:

  • Intellectual
  • Wise
  • Quick witted
  • Eloquent
  • Charming


GREEN characteristics


If you chose green you are a nurturer. You wish to help, heal or mother others. You may be in the medical profession or social work. You are considered to be a good listener and trustworthy. You excel in careers such as human resources, psychology and psychiatry.

Green personalities treat others as they wish to be treated. You put others at ease and are a born peacemaker. Your home is probably comfortable, warm and welcoming. If you prefer dark green you may be envious and you should be careful to avoid the tendency to become a martyr.

In summary you make an excellent friend as you are happy, caring and trustworthy. You are a natural gardener and pet lover.


Associated qualities:

  • Stability
  • Harmony
  • Luck
  • Prosperity
  • Healing


BLUE characteristics


If you chose blue you are emotional and tend to stay within yourself. Your trust is hard to earn. Pale blue signifies devotion and if this is your favourite shade then you prefer things to be orderly. As blue becomes darker it becomes moody and depressed. Navy blue is favoured by emotional souls who prefer to conceal their emotions. You cry when you're happy or sad and can leave yourself open to others.

Blue personalities often struggle to explain their range of emotions as they are products of their environment. When you are down you expect others around you to feel the same and you can be miserable to be with in these situations.

In summary you need those around you to feel as you do.


Associated qualities:

  • Love
  • Devotion
  • Healing
  • Patience
  • Happiness


PURPLE characteristics


If you chose purple you strive to better yourself spiritually, mentally and emotionally. You love to read, constantly seeking new knowledge. You love to study theology and religion to enhance your spirituality and in turn to spread your learnings to help others on their spiritual journey.

A purple personality is prone to self-sabotage by being overly self-critical. Those who favour the muted shades can become religious zealots and be judgmental of others. If you prefer the darker shades then you are likely working to find inner peace and love. You do not ask much of people and if you do seek help from another but are not clear in your desire, you may feel resentful when your request is not forthcoming.

In summary purple personalities are giving by nature and so make excellent friends.


Associated qualities:

  • Nobility
  • Powerful
  • Magnetic
  • Healing
  • Religious


PINK characteristics


If you chose pink you probably enjoy a peaceful state of grace or bliss. You smile constantly which can irk others. You try to bring out the best in people, truly loving everyone.

Pink personalities are intelligent and contemplative. You study and analyse the best way to do something before you take action. This can make you appear slow but you are merely methodical in your thoughts and are hard working. You can be overly optimistic and probably look younger than your years. You use humour to make others happy, usually possessing a dry wit.

In summary pink personalities view the world in such a positive light it can be dazzling.


Associated qualities:

  • Peace
  • Love
  • Friendship
  • Compassion
  • Relaxation


WHITE characteristics


If you chose white you like to observe others and camouflage yourself in your environment, seeing yourself as special and above it all. Despite outward appearances, you may have flaws not apparent to others. You can show a false sense of shyness waiting to be noticed so you can express your radical thoughts.

White personalities express a virginal attitude and are know for this by others. You examine others critically while not making them feel judged. You are likely reluctant to discuss your beliefs with others despite firmly believing in them. You are confident and assured in your self-awareness.

In summary white personalities hold self-importance to be integral with their personalities which can be positive or negative depending on the individual.


Associated qualities:

  • Protection
  • Purification
  • Freshness
  • Faith
  • Sincerity


BLACK characteristics


If you chose black you are a methodical statistician and want everything done in detail… you would make a good accountant. You always finish what you start and although not a natural leader, under direction you are a hard-working fixer. You love to find the mistakes and faults of others like a detective.

Black personalities tend to hold things inside and do not want to be touched. You put a barrier between yourself and others, keeping your strength inside to protect your emotions. You don't want anybody to take advantage of your sensitivity despite your wish to be a part of the world around you.

In summary black personalities find comfort in the colour making them feel at ease.

Associated qualities:

  • Outer space
  • Night
  • Fertility
  • Wisdom
  • Loss





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